First Post

This is my first post. I’ve had several blogs at various times in the past, the most recent incarnation ending just over a week ago. I take my blogging seriously – I use my blogs as a public journal, a way to document what I feel and what I think, a way to reach people who think and feel similarly.

In the past two months, the way I think and feel has drastically changed. So I need a new blog.
Here you will find posts about politics, fashion, books, poems, nail polish, exhaustion, late nights, tea, and friends. In sum, you will find posts about me.

“The self is too small an object for perpetual enthusiasm.”

Huston Smith said that in his book The World’s Religions. I read that book my freshman year of college, and ever since that quote has been stuck in my mind. This blog is a reincarnation of its predecessor, also named Today for the First Time. I remain convinced that every person needs to strive for something bigger than themselves. I don’t know what I am striving for. I hope this blog will help me figure it out.


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